Friday, February 1, 2013

White Artists on White Privilege (Suzanne Broughel, Elizabeth Sturges Llerena, and Rory Golden)

Excerpt from HYCIDE Magazine: The Art Issue


words by David J. Leonard

“The election of Barack Obama led to predictions of a new racial tomorrow.  Longing to fulfill the dreams of the Civil Rights Movement, many speculated about America’s continued racial progress, wondering if 2008 would be the start of a post-racial epoch in the U.S.  While they expressed hope for a world where race no longer determines opportunities, fantasies of a raceless America often reflect a desire to stop talking about race.

But a group of scholars, activists, and artists viewed the 2008 election not as a moment for celebration but a time for conversation and confrontation.  In an art world long defined by Whiteness, these EuroAmerican artists tackle the issue of White privilege and White supremacy.  Seizing upon the complacency and satisfaction surrounding the election of America’s first Black president to challenge widespread denial, these artists continue to critically challenge society’s refusal and reluctance to talk about race……

Suzanne Broughel uses art to launch uncomfortable conversations about race, exploring how it can dismantle long-held assumptions when viewers have their guards down.

Whiteness within an American landscape functions as the normal, as the invisible, as the point of comparison.  Broughel not only highlights the realities of racism past and present, but also invites White viewers to see themselves and confront the privileges of Whiteness….”

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